sevenpm (sevenpm) wrote,

Lately I've been too lazy to even watch animu.

That's saying something when all I have keeping me from leaving my bed and experiencing the strange and wonderful effects of sunlight is a part time job as a preschool teacher. (Granted, it's a job where half the time I'm running after a child who has sprinted into the hallway completely naked because while they were changing into their bathing suit they remembered they forget their towel. But still.)


See, it's actually a funny story! [cue everyone finding something more useful to do with their time.] No really! Stick with me, people! I'm trying to educate you here! This shit is serious!

All right, straight to the point. Nabari no Ou is an anime about ninjas, basically. (BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE IT FUCKING NARUTO, OK?!) I saw the opening under boring, unmysterious circumstances, and then, suddenly, in the back of my mind, remembered that I had the first three chapters scanlated on my computer. And had read them. (For those interested, Tincampi has done the first three chapters. And the way it's going, will only ever do the first three chapters for the rest of all time.)

The animation quality is the bomb diggety. This is actually what made me download it. Seriously. I mean, the last animu I remember having such bangin' quality was Death Note, which I've only seen the dub of (BY ACCIDENT) on adult swim, and I can tell you, it isn't worth anyone's time. In fact, I recently read that Raito's english voice was done by the same english VA who did Quatre in Gundam Wing. Need I say more.

So, we have a relatively interesting story here, about a boy who has an extremely valuable ninja...something or other contained within his body. It's very powerful and mysterious (oooh!), and many other ninja types wish to control it, because by controlling it they can control the world, or whatever it is wicked and dastardly ne'er do wells desire most. So he's chased after boatloads of people who want it, and here we have (the gist) of our story.

Here stand our temporarily noseless and over stylized main characters, starting from left: Token Girl Full of Blind Rage to fill the Token-Girl-Full-of-Blind-Rage Archetype Raimei Shimizu, Durandal Tobari Kumohira SENSEI~ ♥ ♥ , bitchface Miharu Rokujou, and Kouichi Aizawa.

Bitchface Miharu is our main character, WHO HOLDS THE DARK, ANCIENT NINJA MAGIC WITHIN HIM. He is coveted by essentially every ninja clan on God's green earth, and therein lies the problem: Miharu is the most indifferent little shit you will ever set eyes on. For reasons I don't care about, Miharu has taken an oath to remain completely apathetic to everything, and even when KUMOHIRA SENSEI ♥ and Aizawa step in NUMEROUS TIMES to save his bitchy little ass and inform him of the situation, he removes himself from everything, most frequently using the method found below in Figs. 1 and 2.

Fig. 1 The Setup

Fig. 2 The Devious Escape!!!!!

If you haven't guessed already, he isn't exactly my favorite character. I tried to take single shots of each of the main people for your viewing pleasure, but I could barely bring myself to get one of Miharu, excluding the one above WHICH WAS FOR A SCIENTIFIC DEMONSTRATION. So hopefully you are grateful that this below picture is taking up a whole 825 kb on my harddrive.

In the end, the only single shot I managed to get of Miharu was someone stomping his face into a fence, because it was all I could stand to look at.

Next we have the extremely capable, handsome, and skilled KUMOHIRA SENSEI ♥ GAZE UPON HIS BADASSERY.




Kumohira is the shit, son, and don't you forget it. He can do everything your daddy can't, and more. Only two things mar the perfect existence of this wonderful man: First is that he is the assigned Guy With a Clue™ and has to explain most of the plot through wordvomit, which means he never stops talking about things I don't pay attention to. The shots I took are wordless simply due to my fantastic timing and affection for all two of you who read this. As in, he was talking during those shots and most of what he says and will be saying throughout the series will either be exasperatingly vague or boring as hell.

Second is that I sense that people will largely feel the need to slash him with Bitchface, because they're like the two main characters or something (unless you've decided to take the refreshing path of treating Miharu as a non-entity, much like myself.) Also because Kumohira tends to be on the receiving end of most of Miharu's disarming boywaif shoujo escape routes (did that make any sense?). Luckily, in the opening as well as the first few seconds of the episode, we have another potential love interest for Bitchface who hasn't shown up yet in the show and I didn't feel like screencapping his ass. All he does is wear J.Lo hats, anyway. So hopefully J.Lo will appear and be just what the doctor ordered, convincing people that Kumohira should be boning someone else, namely:

This is Aizawa, a friendly ninja who goes to Main Character's school and is likeable from right off the bat.

He enjoys posing with birds on his shoulders and long walks on the beach, but sadly he only enjoys these things with Kumohira. [the author is delusional; please disregard her and carry on.] Naturally he will always be second fiddle to Main Character Who Is Not Kumohira, and have virtually no fanart and just generally be obscured in comparison, but maybe the fanbase will prove me wrong. (Please prove me wrong.)

This is a screencap of Aizawa being awesome. Also: is he supposed to be albino, or something? He's got the white hair, and the glasses. And the commonly misrepresented red eyes (because most albinos have no such thing.) I also like him because he stabs Bitchface in the stomach around mid-episode. (Although it's not nearly as marvelous as it sounds.)

Right. So he's super. There's also that girl but she doesn't turn up in the first ep, which is all I watched, and I also couldn't be bothered to cap her from the OP and ED either D: Yes, it's all very sad.

So basically what I'm trying to say is that I want these two to have freaky naughty time.



Also the opening song is extra super and I can't stop listening to it. And now you can have it stuck in your head too, for no extra charge!

On a completely different note, I hope everyone's summer is going fabulously. (Apparently LJ has decided that this sentence will also be a link to NnO's opening song, so hey! Let's all enjoy it while we can!)
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