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I AM THE QUEEN OF SUBTLETY. Irony: I never, ever look at the credit pages.

I know I could've joined a group where the people actually need INTENSE QUALITY CONTROL, like Obsession, but they probably would've had me qcing some shit like Haruka Minami or Hoshino Lily. GOD I HATE THEM (<---Minami and Lily, not Obsession.).

True, some of the magic is gone. But was drove me was deeper, truer than magic. It was justice. It was honor. It was "LOL I GET TO SEE THE PICTURES BEFORE THEY'RE ON THE SITE!!!!!!"

So I'm still 7000% gay for Oofuri. Which is apparently never going to be subbed again. DDD: I CAN'T SPEAK ASIAN I NEED THE SUUUUBBBS

And my BFFL and I had an animufest over break. We were watching Get Backers when my BFFL reminded me that I had been utterly obessed with it for, what, three years and that was too bad because it's a shit series. Which brings me to another point:


I have evidence of this, in the form of THIS DESKTOP that I had in 2003. Although this is equally compelling. Yes those are glittering tears.

Now that we understand each other,
I hope everyone had a good relaxing break, or if you had a job, lol. BUTNO seriously. I'm actually STILL on break, because my classes don't start until the 28th. Crazy shit!

lol what, how is the cat always hungry?
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